Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

A Sound Objective: for your once in a lifetime experience.

All weddings should be fun, unique and memorable. Two key elements in making the big day unforgettable for everyone will be the articulation of the spoken word and the sound quality of the music. That’s why your wedding needs a professional sound system and experienced audio engineer that knows how to tastefully mix everything from the ceremony vows to the toasts or speeches at the reception dinner and the dance floor music afterward. Whether you plan on listening to a solo performer, acoustic duo, jazz trio, string quartet, a professional DJ, or a 10-piece soul group, you do not want to cut any corners. Why risk ending up with mediocre sound that delivers neither the subtlety nor impact needed for an outstanding listening experience? A Sound Objective will bridge any gaps between quality and cost, comfort and volume, finesse and power.

To be clear, we are not a DJ service, nor do we provide bookings for live musicians. Our friends and colleagues at Ivy Hill Entertainment and Cage & Aquarium already handle those services wonderfully! A Sound Objective specializes in all other aspects of audio services for wedding ceremonies and receptions that do not normally fall under the purview of those providing the music or entertainment. To better understand what you could be missing out on, please look over our Frequently Asked Questions section and contact us with any questions you might still have in mind. / (415) 200-8578

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