Powerlifting Seminar at Bell’s Mark Super Training Gym in Sacramento

Have you ever had a career milestone on your day off?!

Yesterday 400 people (from all across the country!) showed up to Mark Bell’s Super Training Gym in Sacramento for a FREE seminar w/ Mark, Jesse Burdick, world record holder Stan Efferding and the undisputed greatest powerlifter of all time, Ed Coan. Mark, Stan and Jesse are each powerhouse event headliners in their own right but as a completely non-athletic nerd that never knew anything about competitive lifting or strength sports even I had heard of Ed Coan’s record smashing career back in the 90s. His name transcended his sport to even reach people like me. Even as a professional concert engineer that has toured w/ platinum selling acts it was not lost on me just how #BADASS it was to be the live engineer on this particular event!

I first visited Super Training back in January and since Mark makes his incredible gym available for FREE I figured the best way to repay him and his team was to offer to help with some upgrades to the PA system. They took me up on it and I started by advising on some easily affordable purchases to augment the existing equipment. I donated the remaining gear needed along with my time and labor to install everything on my days off. I completed the final phase of the upgrades just in time to coordinate w/ Mark’s super talented and hard working video, photography and podcasting team (@iamandrewz@cinnamontographer & @soopersquats). I provided one of my QSC Audio Touchmix-8 mixers and an extra pair of Sennheiser EW135-G3 wireless handheld mic’s and patched everything into the new gym PA. I was able to provide separate audio feeds to the main video camera, the YoutTube livestream camera and then a backup Zoom audio recorder.

The #ST06 team took the presentation and production quality of the event to a new level and they plan to do more of these FREE strength seminars in the near future. I can’t think of a better way to spend a “day off” than getting to do what I already love while adding mixing for Ed Coan, Stan Efferding, Jesse Burdick and Mark Bell to my resume!!! 💪🏋️ 🔉🔊

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